Building a rolling ball machine.

The Wheel is assembled but not yet grooved for loading the balls

Powered by an Victor Victrola VV4-40 duel spring windup motor

For stability, I chose brass wire controls to hold and eject the 62mm glass marbles.

Used a flexible weather stripping for traction and to relieve the wheel flaws.

Shoring up the frame next and beginning the top level track and bending/solder begins.

After a while I realized that it would be much easier to work backwards and work up.

The initial track that leads into the wheel. Finally discovered the parts to brace

the track and easy to add as needed.

Reverse direction switch back.

Bending, soldering and burning fingers.

Two levels to go and a lot of adjusting.

Yes it looks like a heap of wire, but my burnt fingers don't think so.

One more piece to put on and then weeks of tweaking and polishing. After that

I will let the brass oxidize to it's natural patina.

Now it's just controling the ball speed.