Scarborough Bay 2008

Filey Brigg "Civilization's Begining"

South Cliff Italian Gardens

Scarborough View from Hackness Road

River Beck

Down Stream Beauty


Low Moor Farm

View From the Hillside

The Lot at the Everly

Robin Hood's Bay

Pirate's Gravestone * Whitby Abby

Whitby Harbour

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Tofu

Amber and Oliver


More Ravenscar

Scarborough Bay

Scarborough Bay "Clean Version"

Donkey is the one with the saddle

More Everly

Definely Worth seeing Dave

Kate & Barry

Fountain Abby

Rievaulx Abby

Rievaulx Abby Bridge

I Love You Paul

Paul's Girlfriend (not Heather)

Liverpool Music College Sculpture

A Very Good Trip