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Duchess' Skirt takes a Hike. 

Inquiring Swine Want to Know.

Style Correspondant: Baby Back OUTRAGIOUS....

The Duchess of Pork was spotted wearing, if you can imagine, a passion pink Calvin Swine sow hair suit hiked up to expose, excuse me, her shank portion. Her hair was neatly tied up and well hidden beneath an enormous straw-hat. Her Evan Pigcone styletto heels only added to traffic and confusion amidst her fans. She certainly knows how to perk up snouts and turn heads. Baby Back


Full On Hog Trivia
By Links

How did "Uncle Sam" come to represent the U.S. Government?

a.. During the War of 1812, a New York pork packer named Uncle Sam Wilson shipped a boatload of several hundred barrels of pork to U.S. troops. Each barrel was stamped "U.S." On the docks, it quickly became bantered about that the "U.S." stood for "Uncle Sam," whose large pork shipment looked to be enough to feed the entire army. Thus did "Uncle Sam" come to represent the U.S. Government itself.

What U.S. city became known as Porkopolis?

a.. The open lands of the West encouraged large-scale hog raising operations which, in turn, created a need for expanded commercial pork
processing facilities. Packing plants grew throughout the Midwest, with centrally located Cincinnati soon becoming so strongly associated with pork production that it became known, informally at least, as "Porkopolis."

How did Wall Street get its name?

a.. Free-roaming hogs were notorious for rampaging through theprecious grain fields of colonial New York City farmers. The Manhattan Island residents chose to limit the forays of these riotous hogs by erecting a long, permanent wall on the northern edge of what is now Lower Manhattan. A street came to board this wall - aptly enough named, Wall Street.

Where did the saying "living high on the hog" come from?

a.. It originated among army enlisted men who received shoulder and leg cuts while officers received the top loin cuts. Fact or Hogwash? When hot dogs were first sold, street vendors called them "red hots," and they didn't come on a bun. Instead, a pair of white cotton gloves came with each one to keep fingers cool while eating.

a.. Fact. It happened at the St. Louis World's Fair where hot dogs were first introduced to the public along with the ice cream cone in 1904.














































Full On Hog Trivia (Continued)

Fact or Hogwash? The longest single sausage was over a mile long.

a.. Fact. A single sausage measuring 5,917 feet in length was cooked in Barcelona, Spain on September 22, 1986.

What did President Harry Truman have to say about hogs?

a.. "No man should be allowed to be President who does not understand hogs."

What staple food was provided at Washington's troops at Valley Forge?

a.. Salt pork from New Jersey was shipped behind British lines to Valley Forge to feed the hungry Continental Army in the winter of 1776-77.

What's the origin of the word "barbecue?"

a.. It's derived from French-speaking pirates, who called this Caribbean pork feast "de barbe et queue," which translates "from beard to tail." In other words, the pig roast reflected the fact that the hog was an eminently versatile animal that could be consumed from head to toe.

What's the highest known price ever paid for a hog?

a.. $56,000 was paid for a crossbreed barrow named "Bud," owned by Jeffrey Roemisch of Hermleigh, Texas and bought by E. A. "Bud" Olson and Phil Bonzio on March 5, 1985.

What's the heaviest hog ever recorded?

a.. A Poland China hog named "Big Bill" weighing 2,552 pounds and measuring 9 feet long with a belly that dragged the ground, owned by Burford Butler of Jackson, Tennessee in 1933.

What's the origin of the saying "pork barrel politics?"

a.. The phrase is derived from the pre-Civil War practice of distributing salt pork to the slaves from huge barrels. By the 1870s,
congressmen were referring to regularly dipping into the "pork barrel" to obtain funds for popular projects in their home districts.

What's the origin of the saying to "go whole hog?"

a.. The expression came from the 18th Century when the English shilling was at one time called a "hog." Thus, a spendthrift, one willing to spend an entire shilling on the entertainment of a friend in a pub, was willing to "go whole hog."

What's the origin of the saying "a pig in a poke?"

a.. The reference is to a common trick of 17th Century England of trying to palm off a cat on an unsuspecting "greenhorn" for a suckling-pig. When he opened the poke (sack) he "let the cat out of the bag," and the trick was disclosed.

Did you know that...

a.. As much beloved as fresh pork is in America, it is not the United States, but China, which is the number one producer and consumer of fresh pork in the world.

Did you know that...

a.. The ancient Chinese were so loath to be separated from fresh pork that the departed were sometimes accompanied to the grave with their herd of hogs.









































102 Pigmatians leaves you disgruntled!

No comic bite -- and precious little snort
marks "102 Pigmatians," a lame sequel to
Disney's 1996 family hit "101 Pigmatians."
With most of the film's slapstick stunts geared solely for small fry, that will mean one long sit for their adult swine. And at 99 minutes, the youngsters might grow a tad restless.

Brand-name recognition and several cute pig tricks ensure a strong boxoffice response from families eager for holiday entertainment. but the grosses should fall short of 1996 levels, and prospects for "103 Pigmatians" appear remote.

Sausage Stuffing

Hey all you Pork Fashion Fans, just back from one long engagement in Porkshire! They wanted to keep me for they're very own, as I introduced them to spandex. Talk about pretty in pink, and I mean hot pink bangers. These Porkettes, young and old, sport they're patties well. (Plump as a dumpling). Add a hat, cherry cheeks, some nice trotters and you've got a swine that knows how to
flex her STY…LE.

Bye for now,