Pork-Q-Pine Forrest at Risk of being Chopped

Porkshire congress is now voting on a project that will reduce the Pork-Q-Pine forest to 50% of its size. The area to be deforested is 4 times the size of Filey and would be mainly used for agriculture and pastures for livestock. All the wood is to be sold to international markets in the form of Wood chips, by multinational companies. The truth is that the soil in the Pork-Q-Pine forest is useless without the forest itself. Its quality is very acidic and the region is prone to constant floods. At this time more than 160.000 square porkometres, deforested with the same purpose, are abandoned and in the process of becoming deserts.We cannot let this happen. Please contact Major Slab at Pigs for Trees. Our only other precious tree is the mighty Weeping Swill-ow.








Porkshire Blizzard Worst in Years

Imagine living in a place where bitterly cold air from Iceland can clash with warm, moist air from the Gulf of Arctica, and/or moisture from the warm North Atlantic Ocean, to produce powerful nor’easters and blizzards . Well, guess what? You do live in such a place! In Porkshire these storms can occur anytime from October into early May, with more cases occurring in February than any other individual month. One way to tell whether or not you in a blizzard is to walk in snow. If your privates are cold and you can't see your shanks, guess what?